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Official website of best-selling author Christopher Hart, known for his techniques for drawing manga, anime, cartoons, animals, anatomy and the human figure. His books have sold over 7 million copies, and have been translated into 20 languages. He is published by Random House, Soho Publications and Walter Foster Books.

Drawing Cartoons from Numbers

Drawing can be as easy as 1, 2, 3! Christopher Hart offers a wildly creative collection of cartoon characters that all begin just with a number. Detailed, step-by-step instructions make it simple to construct each character, but even better, the clever images that emerge from these common numerals are a delight. With the numbers ranging from 1-1001, children can learn art and practice counting, too!

FIgure It Out! Workbook

As both an introduction to figure-drawing concepts and a refresher for more seasoned artists, The Figure It Out Workbook is an engaging resource for anyone eager to pick up a pencil and start drawing. Combining content from Hart’s three previous Figure It Out titles, this handy, travel-sized workbook offers artists step-by-step tutorials plus blank pages for practice. It begins with the basics of drawing the head and facial features, and then moves on to the body, keeping in mind proper proportions, movement, and true-to-life poses.

The Manga Artist's Coloring Book: Girl Power!

Coloring and manga fans will welcome Hart’s second exciting collection of adorable, irresistible girls! Featuring intricate backgrounds throughout, these pictures make for a fun and challenging coloring experience, and give budding artists a fun opportunity to play creatively with color and character.

The Master Guide to Drawing Anime

Nothing satisfies anime artists more than creating original characters for comics and graphic novels — and bestselling author Christopher Hart helps them achieve this goal. He provides insight into the six most popular anime types, from schoolgirls and boys to vengeful bad guys and fantasy creatures.

The Master Guide to Drawing Anime: Amazing Girls

It’s manga GRRLLL power! With these easy-to-follow templates, anyone can create and draw absolutely amazing female anime characters. Learn all the ins and outs of drawing stunning manga heroines, schoolgirls, and fantasy characters! In his follow-up to the bestselling Master Guide to Drawing Anime, Christopher Hart focuses on some of the popular, dynamic, and beautiful females who populate the world of anime.

Figure It Out! Human Proportions

When the proportions are right, the drawing looks right! Most artists whose work features the human head and figure don’t have the time or opportunity to draw directly from models, so it’s essential that they acquire the skills and tools to draw them accurately without using direct reference. Now, thanks to Chris Hart’s foolproof method, even beginners can quick-check the proportions of their head and figure drawings, identify errors, and swiftly fix mistakes.

Drawing Animals Shape By Shape

If you can draw a simple circle, square, rectangle, or triangle, you can draw any of the more than 100 cartoon animals in this fun and colorful book.

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Figure It Out: Drawing Essential Poses

Bestselling how-to-draw author Christopher Hart helps artists fine-tune their skills with the fundamentals of drawing natural-looking figures. Eschewing the esoteric “art poses” and wooden mannequins commonly found in art books, he portrays everyday, real-life gestures on human-looking foundation figures: standing, sitting, kneeling, and reclining, with arms folded, ankles crossed, hands on hips, and more, all shown from various angles. Hart also explores deeper concepts such as perspective, illusion of depth, casting shadows, and foreshortening, and provides step-by-step tutorials that take artists through complete, naturally posed figure drawings from start to finish.

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Cartoon Faces: How to Draw Heads, Features & Expressions

Make a face—a funny face! The personality of a cartoon character begins with the face: the head, the features, the expressions. Get that right and you can create a memorable personality. Bestselling how-to-draw author Christopher Hart presents the ultimate tutorial on the topic in masterful detail, covering characters both male and female, from babies to adults, in all shapes and sizes. His accessible, step-by-step demonstrations go through all the features and explain how to build a character. Explore appealing cartoon head types; see how to create a variety of eyes, brows, mouths, and popular hairstyles; and learn how to turn the head in different directions while maintaining a character’s visual integrity. An introductory section discusses essential shading techniques while a bonus section shows the basics of drawing the entire body.

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I love Christopher Hart how to draw manga books!! They are the first thing I turn to when I need help! So creative and full of inspiration!

Danielle from Utters, IL

Chris makes visualising a body as shapes so easy. His characters are emotive and interesting. Who knew learning to draw could be so fun!

TJ from Australia

If not for his books my notebooks would look empty. Best source of tips and information for artists of every level.

Tomek from Jelenia Góra, Poland

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