My report on the New York Comic Con:

Practically everyone came in costume. I’ve never seen so many flabby Spidermen before. Parents brought their little kids, and it was the parents who wore the costumes! I wore a Polo shirt and slacks, and therefore, I stuck out like a sore thumb.

The main floor had fewer interesting booths from publishers and media companies than previous Comic Cons, but the Artist’s Alley work was superb, although the styles were pretty homogenous. There were many artisans selling cool and inventive crafts they created themselves. But the ubiquity of used comic book sellers overwhelmed some of the more interesting aspects of the show. I signed about a million books and my hand fell off, so I had to sign the rest using my teeth. Well, kind of.chris-hart-blog-logo

They had screenings on the lower level, and lines were not too bad. It was jammed, but once again, the people were extremely polite. The food was…well, let’s just say that I opted for a medium cup of nonfat frozen yogurt, and was charged $9. I almost spent my daughter’s college tuition on lunch.

It was sold out before it even opened, so if you’re planning to go next year, be absolutely sure you buy a ticket EARLY. That’s all from your intrepid reporter!