Figure It Out!

Figure It Out! The Beginner's Guide to Drawing People

Figure It Out!:
The Beginner’s Guide to Drawing People

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Chris Hart has a head for figures — human figures, that is. Not only does he draw them with incredible style and flair, he also has a friendly, accessible teaching style that makes his how-to books super-sellers. In this unique figure-drawing course, Chris avoids the usual anatomy lessons that intimidate aspiring artists and gets right down to the basics young illustrators need to get started. Starting with heads and facial expressions, he moves on to full figures, male and female, ideal and average, some in fashion poses and others in dynamic action. On every page, his practical advice and clear examples will help readers achieve terrific results — and have fun every step of the way.

Introduction 8
Start at the top!
Drawing the Head 10
Be an Egghead: The Basic Head Shape 12
Sculpt the Head 13
Natural Contours of the Face 14
Shading the Face 15
The Eyes 16
The Nose and Mouth 18
The Ears 20
Jaw Shapes 22
The Chin (Yep, It’s a Muscle) 23
Natural Angles of the Neck 24
Check Your Proportions! 25
The Idealized Face 26
Expressions 27
Break It Down!
Step-by-Step Heads 28
Front View 30
3/4 Right View 36
3/4 Left View 40
Profile 44
Get Back to Basics!
Drawing the Body 46
Average Vs. Idealize,d Figures 48
Drawing the Rib Cage 49
Front View 50
Side View 54
Rear View 58
Construction Poses 62
Strike a Pose!
Drawing Women 82
Ballet Pose 84
Introverted Pose 86
Athletic Pose 88
Graceful Pose 90
Hands on Head 92
Leaning Against Wall 94
Standing 3/4 View 96
Backward Glance 98
On the Move 100
Kneeling on Stool 102
Seated 3/4 Pose 104
Sitting With Legs Entwined 105
Seated on Both Knees 106
Sitting Propped Up 108
Sitting With Legs Extended 109
Sitting on Stool 110
Get in Position!
Drawing Men 112
Classic Standing Pose 114
Bae View With Hands Above Head 116
Standing Profile 118
Hands in Pockets 120
Heroic Pose 122
Seated Pose in Perspective 124
Standing With Hands Behind Body 126
Thoughtful Pose 128
Olympic Stance 130
Bend and Stretch 131
On One Knee 132
Muse le Interaction 134
Standing With Arms Out (Side View) 136
Relaxed Figure (Side View) 138