As artists, we’re very good at criticizing ourselves. Sometimes we compare our work unfavorably to the work of others. Or we go through slumps where we get discouraged. What we don’t always do – and the thing that’s most important to our development as artists – is to recognize the strengths that we have – and sometimes you need some drawing inspiration. Your strong points are usually the aspect of drawing that you don’t struggle with. For example, a person who has trouble drawing the hands may overlook the fact that he has an easier time drawing the face. He just takes it for granted. However, the thing that you find easy to draw may be someone else’ sticking point.

Another strength that aspiring cartoonists and manga artists typically overlook is their ability to conceptualize, which is a fancy term for “imagination.” Someone may have a beginner’s or an intermediate’s ability in drawing, and yet have outstanding creative abilities. I often hold drawing contests on my Facebook Fan Page. chris-hart-blog-logoI’ve given winner’s prizes to people solely based on the idea behind the drawing (or scene), because it’s so impressive. Another aspect of drawing, which artists don’t always recognize in themselves, is the ability to create pleasing color combinations. One last attribute, which I’d like to point out, is something I call “character appeal.” That’s the ability to draw a character – regardless of skill level – that is simply likeable.

Therefore, my friends, if you’re only focusing on the difficulty you’re having in drawing hands, or clothing folds, etc., you’re probably selling yourself short!