Many aspiring artists, who love to draw – and who yearn to improve – become somewhat pessimistic about their progress because they don’t believe they have the innate talent to become good at drawing. This is the biggest myth about drawing. Really, how important is it to have talent?

Talent is an asset, to be sure. But talent alone cannot produce superior work unless it has three essential ingredients:

• The motivation to draw often
• The willingness to seek out and learn new drawing techniques
• And most importantly, having what I term as an “Editorial Eye”

If you have the three assets, listed above, you can become an excellent artist, with or without innate talent. If you have talent, but none of the attributes listed above, your art doesn’t improve.chris-hart-blog-logo

So the question becomes, what is an “Editorial Eye”? It’s the ability to look at your art dispassionately, to recognize its flaws – as well as its strengths. It’s having the willingness – even the desire – to redraw your work in order to get it right. There’s an old saying for writers: “Writing is re-rewriting.” The same is true for artists, “Drawing is re-drawing”.

I’m here to encourage you to pursue your passion, you art, your dreams. You can do it. You really can. And always remember: You deserve to succeed.