“Christopher Hart’s books are a cartoonist’s Bible.”
—Sagnik from Novi, MI
“Besides the high quality of Christopher Hart’s books, you notice a genuine affection and love in them.”
—Nacho from Almansa, Spain
“Chris makes visualising a body as shapes so easy. His characters are emotive and interesting. Who knew learning to draw could be so much fun!”
—TJ from Australia
“I love Christopher Hart how to draw manga books!! They are the first thing I turn to when I need help! So Creative and full of inspiration!”
—Danielle from Utters, IL
“Best books out there, will help you get started, or improve your own style…plus he’s a nice guy!”
Bobby from Albuquerque, NM
“The only Manga and Cartooning books you’ll ever need!”
—Jennifer from Belgium
“Just to remind every new fan, that once you start small, your dreams become bigger, and the way I’ve walked these stairs, was all thanks to Christopher Hart, whose books encouraged me to go on.”
“Wonderful books authored by a truly amazing artist and fantastic man.”
—Joshua from Rocky Mount, VA
“Wasn’t sure if I could actually draw until Christopher Hart showed me how.”
—Paul from Norfolk, UK
“Manga, Cartoon, Fantasy and More, these books are an Artist’s Life! They give you Everything you need and nothing less.”
—Zuzia from Toruń, Poland
“The ‘old’ trooper just keeps going Seriously though, if you want to learn you can’t go far wrong by following Chris Harts’ methods, your own style will follow. The back-up and feedback (social media, Deviant, etc) is second to none.”
“Christopher Hart is the Cartoonists Sherpa, he provides tips and tutorials for cartoonists of all levels. Just when you think you know all there is to know about drawing, Mr. Hart comes along and makes it better!”
—Tom from Harvard, IL
“If not for this books my notebooks would look empty. Best source of tips and information for artists of every level.”
—Tomek from Jelenia Góra, Poland
“Chris’ books are great for artists of any age. I started drawing in my thirties and it was because of his books. My 8 year old daughter is starting one of Mr. Hart’s amazing books. Thanks, Chris.”
—Eric from Wylie, Texas
“Every starting cartoonist/artists must read at least one of his books, inspiring and truly helpful to start of any type of artist.”
“Christopher Hart’s books cover so many genres, he’s the quintessential art school for the self-taught artist.”
—Casey from Dublin, CA